I AM THE WEAPON Seminar | Doug Marcaida | February 6, 2016

I AM THE WEAPON Seminar | Doug Marcaida | February 6, 2016

ITAK collaborated with Doug Marcaida, GN Funker Tactical, 413 Group, and the FMA School with a limited edition design for the "I AM THE WEAPON" seminar. This design was inspired by one of the weapon specialized by Doug Marcaida, the Karambit. The tribal designs represented brotherhood, which is important in the Filipino Martial Arts community, and well represented at this seminar.  



There were representatives from different schools, practitioners of different styles, and some non-practitioners who were interested in learning the style of Kali. They were all welcomed, and everyone participated with an open mind to learn. It was a gathering of brothers and sisters who wanted to excel in the art, and were INSPIRED TO ATTAIN KNOWLEDGE… 

The seminar started with a prayer and the acknowledgement of guest grandmasters that showed support including GM Michael Giron, GM Felix Roiles, and GM Sonny Napiel. A special prayer for SGM Cacoy Canete and the Canete family. 

It was a great turnout and everything was very organized. Kuya Doug was a trooper teaching and sharing for the whole day. Lunch were provided and dinner was added with a special questions and answers panel of different Grandmasters. At the end of the seminar, there was a picture booth provided, to have participants take a photo with Kuya Doug. That was really awesome! The whole thing was just organized and it seems like everyone had a great time! People from all over the west coast attended, even practitioners as far as the Bay Area. 



I just want to thank the 413 Group and the FMA School for inviting us and letting us partake at this epic event. Thank you to Kuya Doug Marcaida, it was an honor to finally meet you. Thank you to Kuya Paulo Rubio, the man behind the camera of GN_Funkertactical and the whole Funker Tactical Team. Thank you for all those people who stopped by our table and showed support. It was great meeting all of you. I feel very blessed to have met you all and hope to see you guys in the future events! Mabuhay!



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