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GM Ernesto Presas Sr. | Demo w/ a Pen Video

This is one of the first videos I've watched when I started my FMA journey. I used to just type "eskrima" on Youtube, and just watch videos hours after hours. Then I came across this gem of GM Ernesto Presas Sr. that demonstrated Eskrima using a ball point pen. 

It's a great video and very informative. It shows a great key point of FMA, which is "simplicity."

Now define simplicity; the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.  The quality or condition of being plain or natural.

When I started my FMA journey, I've always looked for some secret moves that my instructors were doing. I tried to break everything down to each movement, each step, but never really watch the important thing; concept. I thought everything has to be intricate, oh what a headache that was!

If you really watch your instructors, even this video for example, GM Presas Sr. demonstrates that whatever you can do with a stick, you can do without. Simple! And that's one of the key points that makes FMA so great! Now, the term "the stick is only an extension of the hands" makes more sense. 

GM Presas Sr. shows what happens when a practitioner holds his baston. How to defend and attack, and notice his distance. Now, when the stick is gone, the movement is still the same, but now the distance changed. The movements are the same as if he was still holding a baston, to keep everything simple. Angles and distance are the ones that slightly adjusted. 

Now, this is only my observation. There are far more things that can be identified here. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Would love to hear everyone's observations.


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