Antonio "Tatang" Illustrisimo | Live Blade Demonstration | Striking Defense

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Antonio "Tatang" Illustrisimo | Live Blade Demonstration | Striking Defense

This is one of my favorite videos of "Tatang" Illustrisimo. He was one of the most respected Eskrimadors in the Philippines. He was famous of winning countless duels and street encounters, as well as being a guerrilla in World War II against the Japanese. As you can see in this video, the skills he demonstrates are really battle tested. 

***I'm not familiar with Kali Illustrisimo, I only want to share my thoughts on this great demonstration of Tatang. ***

Love how the demo started with live blades! As Tatang continued to demonstrate, even just watching it now, still feels uneasy yet exciting at the same time. Even the man (don't know his name) in the middle felt uneasy and glad that they switched to sticks later on. 

From what I noticed from this video, it has the same teachings from what I've learned from my instructor. First, the concept of defending blade to blade. They taught me to preserve my blade, so when defending or blocking, use the flat part of the blade. But to strike, you can pretty much use all the parts of the blade. As you may notice, Tatang uses a lot of "gunting" (scissors) technique. Similar to the motion of scissors, one hand parries while the other strikes, and focusing on defanging the snake. It really shows when he started demonstrating it with the espada y daga. If you notice it as well, the way Tatang slices the opponent when they strike. It's not more of just a slash, it's more of  a filet. By filleting the arm, it causes more damage and pretty much just nasty! LOL!

Like I said, this is one of my favorite videos of Tatang. I have to keep watching this again and again, just to pick up the combat application.


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