Combative Arts Class | Full Grip Crossfit | San Francisco, CA

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Combative Arts Class | Full Grip Crossfit | San Francisco, CA

Since starting this brand, we have met some great inspiring people that have been practicing Filipino Martial Arts. Some are new and some have paved the road to follow, but all of them have something in common, the passion of sharing their knowledge of FMA. 

It has been great connecting with these Grandmasters and Guros of different styles. I was able to meet them in person through seminars and tournaments. Getting to know each one is very interesting, especially their own unique backgrounds and lineage. We had the chance to meet and build a friendly relationship with some, and I am truly honored.

We have been invited to join in on a Combative Arts class held at Full Grip Crossfit in San Francisco, CA. It was hosted by Guro JP Manalang and Guro Bobby Manalo. The class was filled with mostly beginners and some intermediate students. It was awesome seeing new students interested in the art, and how Eskrima is being promoted to new aspiring practitioners. The attitude of being Inspired To Attain Knowledge was definitely shown within the students. I showed some highlights of the day with the video below.

Thank you again for having ITAK join in and participate. And good luck to the practitioners who have started their FMA journey!



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