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ITAK Clothing First Appearance at the Fierce Tiger Martial Arts School | Salinas, CA

March 7, 2015

Before launching, we wanted to introduce our brand in person to the public. GM Gilbert Cordoncillo was hosting his annual Fierce Tiger Martial Arts Seminar and we were lucky to be granted a table spot outside his school. There were many instructors that shared their knowledge from different schools. There were instructors from Salinas all the way to Florida. Few well known instructors were Master Michael Giron from Original Giron Eskrima and Master Ron Saturno from Saturno Serrada. 

It was a great turnout and it was a pleasure meeting all these different instructors. 





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***We're planning to attend seminars in the California area for now. So if you're interested and know if your school are hosting an event, let us know. Provide contact information.  

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