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The Beginning of ITAK Clothing | A New Clothing Brand for Eskrimadors!

How ITAK got started?
I actually been asked a couple of times, what is the meaning of ITAK? How is the sword apply to attaining knowledge? What is Inspired To Attain Knowledge mean?
I want to share how ITAK Clothing started, and how it came upon the FMA scene. I want to share what we are really about as a brand, and how we relate to Filipino Martial Arts. 
I am a FMA practitioner for about two and half years going to three, and I never been so passionate about martial arts as I am with FMA. Through this journey, I learned many things. Not just with techniques, drills, but stories about its history and culture. Like any other students, I was passionate to learn more, and to achieve that level where my instructor is. I was sharing what I learned to other practitioners, even practiced with other styles to share what we know. Went to practice every time there was a class, and practice outside the school. Watching videos on Youtube, going to seminars, competing in the tournaments. I wanted to keep learning. Basically, I was Inspired To Attain Knowledge. 
I was really passionate about what I was doing, that I wanted to show what I was about. Whenever my school ordered t-shirts, sweaters, patches, anything to show the pride of our school, I was getting them. It’s like wearing a black belt around your waist, the pride that you have for working so hard to reach where you’re at. 
I felt like wearing my school t-shirt was limited. I wanted a shirt that I can wear outside of school, that I can wear casually. A shirt that I can wear in social gatherings without having everyone know what school I go to. So, I started looking at the internet. Looked for hours and hours, and all I saw was shirts for FMA that’s either have comical designs and having Escrima on it. Then I found two designs that I thought I can actually wear. Problem was the quality was terrible. I wore it three to four times, and the design started peeling off. The second problem was when I actually wore it to school, since we don’t have uniforms, I was informed that it was actually a design from another school. So I was embarrassed, because I didn’t even know and don't want to disrespect anyone. 
After that, I started thinking of ways I can wear and promote FMA at the same time. I wanted a shirt that can be inspiring and motivating, and have a great design. Something I can wear in/out of school. So I started a brand called ITAK. 
First of all, the word ITAK is a type of sword that’s from the Philippines that farmers use as a tool, and was also used during the revolution in the early centuries. Luckily it’s also a great acronym for what I want our brand to be. Inspired To Attain Knowledge, is a credo that everyone can live by. It’s about being inspired and motivated to attain knowledge as much as you can so you can achieve and reach the level you aim for. A clothing brand that provide apparel for practitioners and promotes FMA. 
So hope you guys can relate more to this brand than before. We all are a student in our own arts, and we all have that pride and passion. To move forward to the direction where we aim at, we are Inspired To Attain Knowledge

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