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Demonstrating Blocks | Vertical and Rising | Training

Here's a video I put together a couple of years back that demonstrates different types of blocks against 5 strikes. The first block we used against all 5 are the vertical block. These are commonly used when the stick are in the upright position to block a strike, followed by counter towards the rib, and for training purposes, the drill is finished to target the arm. The counter strike can be redirected anywhere in the body. The 2nd block we did, was a rising block. The stick is pointed in a downright position, and followed by an abanico counter. 

Both are used most commonly in a serrada system, which are usually used in a medio corto range,  but the movements or motion can be incorporated in a Largo Mano distance as well. 

**My Thoughts*** 

Even if the vertical might not be commonly used, especially for strikes in the lower extremities, it's a defense that can still work. Just have to get lower to meet the strike, but of course, there are weak points to this. Especially when there are movements involved. It's harder to recover when a person has to lower their center. 

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