Cold Steel Challenge 2016 | Ventura, CA | Sept 10, 2016

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Cold Steel Challenge 2016 | Ventura, CA | Sept 10, 2016

Cold Steel Challenge is held annually by Cold Steel. If you're not familiar with Cold Steel, they are a seller of knives, swords, and other edged weapons and tools. More information is on (Make sure to check out their folders and swords)

This is our first time attending the Cold Steel Challenge. It's a long day event, and they have different divisions. They have the weapon throwing events towards the back. Knives, spears, axes, and other edged weapons are thrown to targets. 

In the main parking lot, they have two rings active. They have different events that fighters can compete. There were different events, and consist of usual weapons. There were two that I was familiar with, which was the knife and stick. But the interesting events that I saw, were the competition using swords, spears, and battle axe! I think those were pretty interesting, just because no one really have that type of competition. 

The usual knife and stick fighting are already interesting itself. Using those tools during training lets the wielder become familiar with the weapon. Knife users have to be agile, using footwork and angles similar to the stick, but have to know distance. The knife is short, and can only be used in close range. Sticks on the other hand has similarities, but can be used in long, medium, and close ranges. These are usually covered during FMA training. 

The fun weapons I would've liked to try out are the spears and battle axe. We don't normally used those in FMA training, but being a FMA practitioner, we should be able to wield any weapon that we can get our hands on. So I believe, training with those and competing is a great way to improve our skills. Using a spear, can be wield as a bow staff. I think that's the closest to training we have in FMA. Tapado practitioners uses long range sticks similar to those, and they can strike them similar to bow, spear, or long edged sword. 

The battle axe on the other hand is a little tricky in my opinion. Yes, it has the range and the hooking and thrusting capabilities. And of course, slashing. But I believe, wielding a heavy weapon like the battle axe, is harder for a FMA practitioner like myself, because the flow is different. I am used to bouncing off the weapon, especially using sticks. Or just having a fluid flow of slashing when using any light edged weapon. I'm not saying it's impossible, but if I have a rack of weapons to choose, battle axe will be the last thing that cross my mind. Watching the battle axe competition just got me thinking about how an FMA practitioner like myself can utilize a heavy weapon like that. It would be fun to incorporate something like that during training someday. 

In the end, the whole day was exciting and fun. We were able to showcase our ESKRIMADOR zip hoodie before it's release online. Everyone gave a great feedback, so were excited to release it this fall.


Finally, I just want to extend our thanks to the Cold Steel Family. Thank you guys for having us be part of this awesome event. Thank you to Mr. Lynn Thompson, the President of Cold Steel and of course Mr. Andy Smith. We appreciate everything and the hospitality. 




I placed a video at the bottom from some of the footage I was able to take during the event. Unfortunately, I didn't get enough time to record every single one, but I believe Cold Steel will be releasing their own video for it. Make sure you guys check out their website and their events. They have some awesome folders and other products. 


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  • Manny Valladares

    Hey Marc wanted to get some shirt but I just forgot. Nice video of my knife competition

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