Fred Mastro Seminar | Full Grip Crossfit | San Francisco | October 8, 2016

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Fred Mastro Seminar | Full Grip Crossfit | San Francisco | October 8, 2016

For the first time ever, Fred Mastro visited San Francisco and held a seminar at Full Grip Crossfit. It was hosted by Guro JP Manalang and Guro Josh Jover, and was accompanied by the MDS (Mastro Defense System) members. 

Fred Mastro is the founder and creator of Mastro Defense System. It's a mixture of Silat and Kali that consist of speed and power. Fred uses techniques he developed throughout the years in a simple and effective movements. His history consist of being a celebrity bodyguard and fight choreographer for the movie "Taken" and many more. He have trained law enforcement and military officers and now have made his way to the U.S. If you haven't seen any of his videos from Funker Tactical, I placed one of his videos below. 


As Fred explained here, the small movement can be effective and able to be utilize by anyone. Why not give it a try at home and see for yourself?

The seminar started with Fred showing us how he conditions and warm up before a good workout. He believes that working out and conditioning parts of your body is important especially when using them in a defensive and offensive way. (Which everyone can agree) Conditioning the forearms for example, since it is utilize for either blocking or using it for a strike. He emphasizes power in every strike, since the fight needs to end quickly. There's no need for fancy movements, because during a street fight, no one respects you. There's no referee that will stop the fight, it's about survival. He doesn't encourage staying and fight, so if there's a chance to escape and run then do it. 

He showed some techniques that I admire due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and the practicality of the technique. The difference between training in the dojo, and how real it can get in the streets like the video above. He made a point that a person has to react FAST because if you are in a choke hold, you don't have the luxury of time. And before we can proceed with the technique that we know, we have to react and he shows how in simple movements. It's these tweaking and simple opportunities that I picked up from him, made whatever I already know much better. It's really hard to describe and share what has happened at this seminar. It's more like "you just have to be there" to understand.

Having to chat with Fred a little bit, you can tell that he's genuinely a nice guy. Very funny and knowledgeable, and that made this seminar very entertaining and enjoyable. The whole experience was incredible, and you can see it in everyone's face. Everyone had a great time, and I know that like me, they will be taking something from this seminar. I'm really glad that Full Grip Crossfit was able to host Fred Mastro here at the San Francisco area. I would suggest to attend a Fred Mastro seminar near you, you would not regret it! 



Here's another one of his video before I go:



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