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MACE: Martial Arts Cultural Exchange | Logo Tee Release | August 27, 2016

MACE: Martial Arts Cultural Exchange, that name itself holds a great deal of meaning and it relates so much with what ITAK is about. Martial artists exchanging their cultural values with fellow practitioners who are open minded and willing to learn. They are all Inspired To Attain Knowledge. 

I was able to capture some of the instructors and participants at this event. Some instructors that are familiar to me that's on the footage are GM Art Gonzales and Prof. Murro from Tenio Decuerdas. GM Robert Castro and Master Jay Dizon from Eskabo Daan based in San Francisco, CA. And also Guro Mike Butz from Kada Anan based in Arizona Chapter. And of course, there were other great instructors that were sharing their knowledge with the participants. It was great, because there were FMA instructors and there were also Kajukenbo. And if you take the time to watch what they were sharing, there were similarities of the movement. This helps to understand that there are many different roads, so don't get stuck in just one. 

The video below is some of the highlights from the event. 


We also released our Logo Tee at this event. This tee represents ITAK and it's movements in the FMA world. We are here to promote FMA and provide an apparel for it's practitioners who have the same passion as we do. We are all Inspired To Attain Knowledge. 


Hope to see you guys at the next MACE event! 


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