Promo Video | New Hoodie and Accessory | ITAK CLOTHING

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Promo Video | New Hoodie and Accessory | ITAK CLOTHING

This is a promo video showcasing some of our new releases. Stay tuned for the release dates on upcoming products. 

We are excited to announce our Fall/Winter Collection this year. We are going to be releasing some great products with our ITAK Streetwear Collection and our EDW (Every Day Wear) Collection. 

We have been listening to our fans and this year, we are bringing a zip hoodie. This is a medium weight sweater with a 80/20 blend. This is a great material for our practitioners who are continuously training, even in the winter weather. It's enough to keep you warm, and comfortably light weight for when the training gets tough. 

This year, we are also releasing our Logo tee. This tee expresses our slogan and the creed we follow as practitioners. It shows that we are passionate about learning and aspire to improve our skills by attaining knowledge. This is a 100% cotton pre-shrunked for minimize shrinkage. Tagless for added comfort. 

And for added bonus, we are going to be releasing the "BOSS" or Bag Of Serious Skills. This is a must have accessories for our fellow practitioners. Durability, storage, and training necessities are the inspiration of creating this bag. This is made up of 1000D Cordura with double and triple stitching to handle different types of sticks and weight of weapons. Enough to hold up 10 sticks (depending on the diameter) and it has the length to hold 31" long sticks and swords. There are two additional pockets that extend all the way to the bottom for training blades, and also wide enough to hold the sheath. It has two extra pouches for storages, like face towels, wallets, keys, and small edged weapons including palm sticks. It has a water bottle pouch and a cell phone pouch. Adjustable straps included. And with it's molle webbing, it can be modular and organized on however you want it to be. If you are serious about improving yourself and attaining knowledge, let the BOSS bag assist you in carrying all the necessary tools to help you succeed. 




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