Sinawali Drills | My 4 Tips for a Better Sinawali

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Sinawali Drills | My 4 Tips for a Better Sinawali

I'm sharing my 4 tips that I learned when I started doing Sinawali drills.

What are other techniques you guys started learning in the beginning of your FMA journey? Would love to see them in the comments below!


Sinawali, to weave or a weaving pattern, used in Filipino Martial Arts. Sinawali drill can be done with a partner or solo, single or double sticks. Different FMA styles have their own versions of Sinawali patterns. Sinawali can also be called Heaven or Heaven 6. This is when the sticks are point upward with a 6 count pattern. Heaven and Earth is a combined strikes with the sticks pointing upwards and downwards with the 6 count pattern.


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