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I personally like doing a lock and block drill. It helps you move in a fluid motion.. like water.. hmm.. Bruce Lee caption! LOL! But yeah, it doesn't have to really fast with hard hits, just enough to get the body and reaction going. Two man training, with the feeder controlling the pace of the defender. But at the same time, practicing his strikes to be accurate. Defender's objective is to not get hit! But really having an uninterrupted flow of defenses that trains reflexes and reaction. We did a lock and block drill here, but of course, a lot to...

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So, I was going over some video files and decided to put something together. Hope you guys like it. It's a mixture of drills, 12 basic strikes, lock and block, and sinawali. Towards the end, I put a clip of a demo we did back in the day for a church group here in our area. I choreographed it mixing in the the lock and block drill, espada y daga style. Then moving on to the sumbrada drill (free flow | counter for counter) then following it with disarms to mano y mano (hand to hand). We kinda messed up...

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It was another sunny day over the weekend, and I was lucky that I got off work early. Called over some friends and had them come over to record some videos. We usually do this just to go over some lessons, drills, that we previously learned. We started off with some basic drills that we usually do and work from there. Then we went on to some basic knife defense. Trying to get the ins and outs, going over those “what ifs” situations. Then went over some hand to hand drills, making them work with the basic drills with sticks....

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