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I'm sharing my 4 tips that I learned when I started doing Sinawali drills. What are other techniques you guys started learning in the beginning of your FMA journey? Would love to see them in the comments below!   Sinawali, to weave or a weaving pattern, used in Filipino Martial Arts. Sinawali drill can be done with a partner or solo, single or double sticks. Different FMA styles have their own versions of Sinawali patterns. Sinawali can also be called Heaven or Heaven 6. This is when the sticks are point upward with a 6 count pattern. Heaven and Earth...

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    For our new design Respect All, Fear None we are planning to put together a video montage of our fellow practitioners. Our goal is to promote Filipino Martial Arts in general, but also help promote different styles of FMA. If you are interested in getting featured in the video, check the requirements down below.  Video Requirements: Have your video no longer than one (1) minute. Quality of the video must be 1080p or higher and recorded at either 24fps or higher. Make sure when you upload or done, that it is on the highest resolution.  Be creative with...

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Cold Steel Challenge is held annually by Cold Steel. If you're not familiar with Cold Steel, they are a seller of knives, swords, and other edged weapons and tools. More information is on (Make sure to check out their folders and swords) This is our first time attending the Cold Steel Challenge. It's a long day event, and they have different divisions. They have the weapon throwing events towards the back. Knives, spears, axes, and other edged weapons are thrown to targets.  In the main parking lot, they have two rings active. They have different events that fighters can...

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Since starting this brand, we have met some great inspiring people that have been practicing Filipino Martial Arts. Some are new and some have paved the road to follow, but all of them have something in common, the passion of sharing their knowledge of FMA.  It has been great connecting with these Grandmasters and Guros of different styles. I was able to meet them in person through seminars and tournaments. Getting to know each one is very interesting, especially their own unique backgrounds and lineage. We had the chance to meet and build a friendly relationship with some, and I...

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We attended the Fierce Tiger Martial Arts School's Annual Gathering this past weekend. This is our 2nd year attending this event, and we were excited since this was the event we first introduced our brand to the public. It has been a year since then, and I'm just glad to be back to where it all started.  "He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination." -- Jose Rizal There were different instructors that attended and shared their knowledge and passion for their arts. There were instructors that shared...

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