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This is our summer promo video shot at Seaside, CA.  Featured Items are our EDGED t-shirt, ITAK Boardshorts, and our Classic Snapbacks.

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Here's a video I put together a couple of years back that demonstrates different types of blocks against 5 strikes. The first block we used against all 5 are the vertical block. These are commonly used when the stick are in the upright position to block a strike, followed by counter towards the rib, and for training purposes, the drill is finished to target the arm. The counter strike can be redirected anywhere in the body. The 2nd block we did, was a rising block. The stick is pointed in a downright position, and followed by an abanico counter.  Both...

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I personally like doing a lock and block drill. It helps you move in a fluid motion.. like water.. hmm.. Bruce Lee caption! LOL! But yeah, it doesn't have to really fast with hard hits, just enough to get the body and reaction going. Two man training, with the feeder controlling the pace of the defender. But at the same time, practicing his strikes to be accurate. Defender's objective is to not get hit! But really having an uninterrupted flow of defenses that trains reflexes and reaction. We did a lock and block drill here, but of course, a lot to...

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