The Last Woman Standing | Kali | Filipino Martial Arts

The Last Woman Standing | Kali | Filipino Martial Arts

This show is called the "Last Woman Standing", a competition series TV show on BBC Three. It's about five female athletes from the UK traveling across the globe, living with tribes and remote people, and take on the local women in some extremely difficult and indigenous sports, all wanting to be the Last Woman Standing. 

This episode: Kali -- Luzon, Philippines

Kali is a martial art with blades, sticks and hand-to-hand fighting which was traditionally performed by Filipino women as a form of defence whilst their men were away hunting. Kali is all about resilience and technique, and the athletes will face the harshest week of their lives learning the discipline of stick fighting in a remote martial arts training camp. According to kali tradition, in order to fight well, the athletes must be able to cope with pain and face their fears. Before training can begin the girls will have to prove themselves during a series of endurance trials, which will push them to their limits. They must demonstrate that they have the strength and will to fight, even after they are exhausted.


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