Training with LADP (Los Angeles Doce Pares)

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Training with LADP (Los Angeles Doce Pares)

Over the weekend, I headed down to Los Angeles (LA) to visit some family and friends. While the family headed out to go sight seeing and doing the touristy stuff, I went ahead and hang out with a friend and fellow practitioner who studies with Los Angeles Doce Pares. I haven't really worked out with him and LADP camp since 2014, and even at that time it was brief. Unfortunately, this time due to injury, I could only observe the class. 

The first time my friend took me to practice, and I saw where it was, it reminded me of those FMA documentaries that showed the players practicing at Luneta park. The class is held at the Griffith Park in Los Angeles every Saturday and Sunday. Outdoor training and feeling the breeze while hearing the banging of the sticks, nothing better than that! They have a variety of students from beginners to advance, and there are plenty of them if you need to ask questions or need help. What I like about it as well is the diversity of men and women, and different age groups that shows up to train. You can say everyone is welcome here. 

Los Angeles Doce Pares (LADP) was founded by Master Erwin Mosqueda back in 2004. Master Erwin Mosqueda began his training back at the old Doce Pares Headquarters in 1977. He’s had the distinction of having trained under legendary Grandmasters such as Felimon “Momoy” Canete, Ciriaco “Cacoy” Canete, and their elder brother Eulogio Canete who served as the organization’s president since its founding in 1932. These three legends together along with the two most talented sons of Eulogio namely Panfilo and Dionisio “Diony” Canete were the source of his knowledge and skill. Grandmaster Diony much later guided him to a higher level in the understanding of the Filipino martial arts. --- (Reference from

This weekend, I had the chance to get some footage of what Doce Pares Eskrima style is like. It started with some warm ups and stretches just to get the blood going. Then they started incorporating some shadow boxing drills then some panuntukan techniques. Once every one was warmed up, the class was divided into two parts. Some of the beginners and intermediates were practicing coordination drills like sinawali and sayaw (forms). The others have put on gears and started a full contact sparring. What they did was a round-robin style with 30 seconds each person. It was pretty intense watching them go through that type of training. 

I was able to chat with one of the students there and I asked him if he can write what he liked about LADP. This is what he said. 

"Our Multi-Style Eskrima training is directly supervised by Master Erwin Mosqueda, 9th degree black belt from the Doce Pares world headquarters. Master Erwin has over 10 years of experience training students at the World Headquarters in Cebu, Philippines and formally in charge of of training from 1997-2001. Our curriculum-based traditional training allows for all members to come up with their own modernization to the fundamental techniques as we progress in our levels of training. Supreme Grandmaster Diony Cañete has even been quoted as saying that Master Erwin Mosqueda is known at the world headquarters for being the most technical chief instructor. Los Angeles Doce Pares has very relaxed standards of membership but is very strict in its implementation of curriculum-based training. Most of the members have varying backgrounds from other forms of martial arts. The whole group is very apolitical but understand that each of us are active ambassadors of the Multi-Style system. We sing the best karaoke among all martial arts dojos/disciplines in California, bar none. CONS I WISH I HAD A HOUSE NEAR THE PARK WHERE WE PRACTICE. I've started living far from the park so my frequency of training has been less than what I'd like it to be. WE ALL MISS CEBU. I wish there could be more times when we could go to train at the world headquarters in the Philippines but life, and the cost of living it, almost always gets in the way. IT'S HARD TO STOP TRAINING. The vast content of the Doce Pares curriculum makes for very interesting training and retraining in that many of the styles are quite similar yet also very different in their fundamentals." --- Mel D. 

There's a lot of classes and instructors around the Los Angeles area. And if you want to start your FMA journey, or just curious of what they are about, I would suggest do your research. There are a lot of options to choose from and should see what's right for you. It's all about learning and adding to what you already have. Be inspired to attain knowledge, and see the differences and similarities of each style. And if you are near Griffith Park or Carson, I would recommend contacting LADP and check out their classes. 

I placed the footage at the bottom from what I captured over the weekend. If you are interested in attending the class, please contact Master Erwin via email at or you can head over to to check out the schedules. 



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