Video Montage Project | Respect All, Fear None | Promoting the FMA Community

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Video Montage Project | Respect All, Fear None | Promoting the FMA Community



For our new design Respect All, Fear None we are planning to put together a video montage of our fellow practitioners. Our goal is to promote Filipino Martial Arts in general, but also help promote different styles of FMA. If you are interested in getting featured in the video, check the requirements down below. 

Video Requirements:

  • Have your video no longer than one (1) minute.
  • Quality of the video must be 1080p or higher and recorded at either 24fps or higher. Make sure when you upload or done, that it is on the highest resolution. 
  • Be creative with the angles of your shots. (Think of it as a promotion for your school/style)
  • Email the link of your video to subject "Respect All, Fear None Video
  • You can also email us the video if possible.
  • With your email, include the name of the FMA style you shared, the CITY and STATE location of your school, and a contact info. We prefer to have your Facebook or Instagram user to include on the segment of your video. 
  • You can share any activity. Anything to entice curious minds. Remember, this is to promote your school/style. 
  • Do not place any logos on the video. We will place your contact info within the segment of your alloted time. 
  • If you support ITAK Clothing, and have any of our apparel, wear them on your video. Not necessary to be featured. 
  • Entries must be submitted no later than May 20, 2018. This will give us time to edit and arrange the video. 
  • Place your entry as soon as possible. 

***This is not a contest. The purpose and goal of this is to promote different styles of Filipino Martial Arts. Our goal is to promote everyone and hope to catch attention for the people around your area. 



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